5 Awesome Wedding Venues in Northern Colorado

5 Awesome Wedding Venues in Northern Colorado

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5 Awesome Wedding Venues in Northern Colorado

Being in the bride-to-be, can’t wait, or just the “hey ya never know” position there’s so much planning that is a must to make that dream wedding come true! Next to having the perfect wedding gown, one of the most important things while you say “I do” is the magical place where you say it in!


Fortunately we live in one of the most beautiful states that provide us with endless venues for all year round.


Here’s a reminder: After your engagement and after you determine your budget and the number of guests you want at your wedding, choosing your venue is top priority!  This will be your base for solidifying your date, setting up all the other appointments, and determining the schedule of events (meetings with caterers, florists, cake, bridal shower, music and entertainment, bachelorette, etc). Remember, wedding venues in Northern Colorado, and anywhere else, can be booked for over a year in advance!


So as you imagine YOUR day unfolding, consider these few wonderful venues, of the many wedding venues in Northern Colorado, as a vision of where your wedding dreams come true.


Fort Collins Country Club: Fort Collins, Colorado


Image: fortcollinscc.com

Image: fortcollinscc.com


This venue has a beautiful Gazebo for the ceremony that holds up to 180 people.  The Ballroom, the reception room, holds up to 225 people and they provide all of your celebration needs.  This venue has wonderful reviews and is said to be affordable and have great quality of service!  Not only do they put your mind at ease by only allowing one wedding per day, they are able to provide you with an experienced wedding planner to ensure the smoothness of your great day!  Nufusion looks forward to providing service for Fort Collins Country Club later this year for an awesome couple!


Visit online: https://www.fortcollinscc.com/



Stonebrook Manor Event Center and Gardens: Thornton, Colorado

Image: stonebrookmanor.com

Image: stonebrookmanor.com


The beautiful surrounding gardens separates this venue from the rest of the area to make a perfect landscape for photo opportunities.  Their gardens provide the option for a lovely outdoor ceremony.  Their reception room, The Grand Ballroom, seats 750-1100 guests, but there are two other ballrooms available for less guests.  This venue provides different inspiring  packages that you can customize to fit your vision and your budget.


Visit online: https://www.stonebrookmanor.com/



Bella Sera Event Center- Brighton, Colorado

northern colorado wedding venues

Image: thebellasera.com


This venue takes pride in their team design.  For the bride who really wants to see her vision come alive this venue really emphasizes on catering to your every romantic and magical wanting, for your ceremony and reception.  They provide three packages of your choosing and you can have the option for an event planner.  This venue looks amazing, check out the website for more info!


Visit online: https://thebellasera.com



Ellis Ranch- Loveland, Colorado

ellis wedding ranch loveland

Image: ellisrancheventcenter.com


This venue is a private Colorado Wedding Venue that is just breathtaking.  If you are looking for more of a country look, or Colorado scenery for your photography opportunities or simply for that breath of fresh air feeling for your guest, this venue is the one.  Ellis Ranch provides a gorgeous view and an option for a horse-drawn carriage entrance.  They also have two different locations to choose from just in case there are any weather concerns.


Visit online: https://www.ellisrancheventcenter.com/



Windsong Estate- Fort Collins, Colorado

fort collins wedding venue

Image: windsongestate.com (Roe Photography)


This venue stands out from the others because how modern and elegant it is!  The design and decor are very chic and classy.  Even the design of the building itself is edgy! They offer an indoor or outdoor ceremony that looks towards the Front Range.  They provide several arrangement settings that their staff will help plan and set up for you.  They also have a wide variety of preferred vendors that can definitely take away stress when planning for the big day.  This awesome venue has a gorgeous view on the outside as well as on the inside!  Definitely one to check out!


Visit online: https://windsongestate.com

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-Blog entry by: Valerie R.

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