Anna and Hunter Wedding Fine Arts Center Colorado Springs

Wedding at the Fine Arts Center Colorado Springs

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This past June, we had the honor of DJing for Anna and Hunter’s wedding at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs.


Since the first meeting, we knew this couple was special! They decided to have a somewhat unconventional wedding. The wedding was going to be more of a brunch situation starting at 11 in the morning. The wedding dress was made by Anna’s mother and Anna painted it herself. The alter was also made by Anna.


The day was hot, mid 90’s to be specific. Being in the courtyard, it seemed to magnify the summer sun. Luckily, they had some pop up canopy tents. One was used for us over at the DJ booth, and a few others were placed around the courtyard.


As the beautiful ceremony began, Anna’s friend from Australia played the ukulele as she walked down the aisle. She played again as the couple’s exit song. From there, the reception started!


Right after the ceremony, guests were encouraged to walk around the art gallery and view the breathtaking art. For those that wanted to stay in the courtyard, they also had lawn games to keep people entertained.


Once dancing started, everyone got up and danced … for a little. It was so hot that you could see people sweating as they were dancing. When the heat got unbearable, people retreated to the shaded areas around the courtyard. There, they danced and enjoyed their time as the drinks were served.


Lunch was then served in a buffet style. But the most remarkable part of lunch was the wedding ‘cake’. The cake was actually a collection of donuts and different pastries that looked amazing!


We had a great time providing music and DJ services for such a beautiful wedding! Thank you to Anna and Hunter for allowing us to be part of your big day!


Check out the recap video below!

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