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Food Truck at Your Wedding

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Food is such a big part of any event, especially a wedding! You may be stuck trying to find a catering company that fits your budget and type of meal you’d like to feed your guests. After looking at all your options, you may want to consider having a food truck at your wedding.

After booking the venue and all the other vendors, the cost of everything can add up quickly. Some catering companies charge per plate or per person, so if you’re planning a large wedding, you may be looking at a high sticker price.

As a Denver wedding dj, we’ve done several events and weddings where they had a food truck providing the meals, and they have all been awesome!

Having a food truck at your wedding can have many benefits. You may find a food truck may be more cost effective than a traditional catering company. During the event, you can opt into having your guests help themselves to the food truck which can help the flow of the evening. If you find a food truck that has different types of food options (or if you book more than one food truck), your guests will be able to pick and choose what they’d like to eat.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a shift from the traditional wedding script to more of a laid back party. A lot of our couples have chosen to forgo a lot of the traditional activities during a wedding, like bouquet and garter toss. This shift may be why a lot of couples have decided to stay away from the traditional seated dinner as well. A food truck is perfect for a more casual laid back setting.

A food truck is also a great way to incorporate your favorite food. Maybe it’s where you first met, or your favorite spot to eat on a date. This is a great way to bring a little bit of you on your special day.

If you’re looking for a great pizza food truck here in Denver, check out Mountain Crust. We’ve done many events together, and they are always awesome!

Some things to consider:

Make sure your venue allows food trucks and have space for it, you want to make sure the food truck at your wedding is easily accessible to your guests.

A food truck is more casual than a traditional plated dinner, so make sure it fits with your theme.

Like any other vendor, make sure the food truck is available for your wedding date. They will probably ask for a signed agreement and some sort of deposit, so lock it in before it’s too late!

Make sure you have silverware, whether it’s provided by the food truck or you bring it in yourself.

Once you’ve chosen a food truck, we’d love to help with the music. Visit the contact page and let us know how we can make the perfect soundtrack for your wedding!

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