Event Lighting Design

Event Lighting Design

Whether you’re looking for a little flare, or a full lighting package, the Nufusion Productions Event Lighting Design Team can add that elegant, unique, and exciting touch to your event.


Lighting sets the mood for any event, and with our team handling your event lighting design, rest assured that your guests will be wowed! We often hear the phrase, “This looks amazing!” when we finish setting up lighting in a venue. Correct event lighting design can transform an ordinary bland area into a unique environment and atmosphere. Let our team create something truly awe inspiring. Whether a small ballroom, or a gymnasium, our event lighting design is perfect for simple and elaborate events.


Our team offers industry leading lighting fixtures, paired with expert techniques, and the latest technology to create a full transformation of any venue. Do you have an idea or a special request? Send us a photo or schedule a consultation with us and we’ll come up with a vision and plan together! Check out our Instagram page for some event photos.



Click below for examples of our event lighting design.

Let’s get to work on your event lighting design! We service Denver, Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Uplighting -- [click for more]

What exactly is uplighting? Uplighting is several lighting units that are placed around the perimeter of a venue and aimed up along the wall. This will fill the room with a color wash that creates an awesome color accent to any occasion. Uplighting is a cost effective way to completely change the vibe and feel of a room or banquet hall.


What colors can I use? Any color you want! Uplighting is typically used to showcase the color theme of your event. For example, if you are having a wedding where the colors are royal blue and white, we can set the uplights to show blue. With our uplighting you will be able to literally choose any color you’d like.


Other effects with uplighting. We like to keep them one solid color throughout the event, but our system has the capability to dim, strobe, and fade from color to color. All the uplight units are synced, so they will all change color at the same time.


What about power cables? The best part about our system is the fact that it’s 100% wireless! That’s right, no cables to sync the units, and no power cables running throughout the venue. These units are small, discrete, and very bright and powerful!


Where  can I use uplighting? Uplighting can be placed anywhere! Especially since our system is wireless, we never have to worry about power outlet limitations. They can be placed around the room, behind the head table, or any other area you’d like to feature.


Event Lighting Design - Nufusion Productions

Pin Spot Lighting -- [click for more]

Pin spotting is a simply yet effective way to highlight certain elements of your event. This type of lighting can highlight centerpieces, a wedding cake, gift table, or anything else that’s important to your event. Pin spots will help your photographer capture stunning photos of your decor, especially if what you’re highlighting happens to be floral designs.


Pin spots are small lighting units that can mount on the ceiling or on lighting stands. These units are small and discrete, and they put out a powerful pin-spot beam of light that will give your centerpieces or wedding cake a dramatic lighting effect. Once mounted, the lighting units are controlled by remote, which ensures accuracy, focus, and brightness.


Adding pin spot lighting, along side other lighting design elements will really set your event apart from any other.


Dance Floor Lighting -- [click for more]

Dance floor lighting is a great element to have if you are expecting your guests to dance at your event. Though we’ve seen some events go without dance floor lighting, we do notice a different ambiance and energy when dance floor lighting is implemented.


We have a couple different options to choose from when it comes to dance floor lighting, these options can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.
dance floor lighting

Texture Lighting / Gobo -- [click for more]

gobo design projection

We can project amazing patterns and designs onto the walls of a reception hall, gymnasium, or ceiling of your venue.


Texture lighting is achieved by using gobos, which are glass or metal discs that project certain patterns. Very much like a slide on a projector. Using gobos, these designs can be tailored to go along with your theme. For example, if you’re having a winter event or dance, we can project snowflakes through out the venue.


Texture lighting is a great way to add some elegance and excitement to boring walls. The overall look, feel, and ambiance that’s achieved is something that will resonate with your guests and your event.


Using texture/gobo lighting can truly change the atmosphere of any venue. When paired with other lighting, such as uplighting, this effect can be breathtaking.

Custom Monogram Lighting -- [click for more]

Let’s customize your event and make it truly unique!


Custom monograms are a great touch to any event. For a wedding, these monograms can project your names or initials and wedding date. For corporate events, these monograms can project your company logo or slogan. Custom monograms are a great way to add a unique touch to your event.

custom monogram

coyle wedding ritz carlton denver

Let’s make your event amazing!!

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