Colorado Winter Weddings

Colorado Winter Weddings

Colorado Winter Weddings

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Wedding season is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a wedding, how about a winter wedding?! Here are some ideas for planning Colorado winter weddings.

Let It Snow

Colorado Winter Weddings

Bridal Guide – Rebekah J. Murray Photography

Though winters can be cold, depending on where you live, having the right twist on them can result in a delightful, warm wedding. Let’s face it, Colorado Winter Weddings are probably always going to be accompanied by snow. That’s when you take advantage of what nature has provided! Some really awesome photos have been centered around snow fall or with a snowy background. As long as you are in the right area, with the right amount of snow, your wedding can easily turn into a winter wonderland. Aside from photos, the natural white of the snow can give such an amazing aesthetic to the ceremony.


Now, I’m just going to throw out this idea, but let’s say by chance it’s a warmer day, and a lot of the snow has melted. Instead of pushing forward in a muddy environment, you can always rent a snow machine to add a little more snow to your liking. Or a smaller snow blower to simulate snow fall. Again, just thinking out loud.


Arrival, by sleigh

Colorado Winter Weddings

Bridal Guide – Rebekah Westover Photography

It seems that during the winter months, downtown is buzzing with horses and carriages. Why not, it’s a perfect setting. The holiday lights are on, the streets are decorated, and sharing a ride with that special someone makes everything feel right! If it works for downtown, will it work to implement in a wedding? Of course! A great idea for transportation to the reception from the ceremony or any location is a horse drawn carriage or better yet, a horse drawn sleigh. Not only an awesome addition, but a perfect fit with the season. Have you ever been in a horse drawn sleigh?! I’m sure your guests won’t be expecting it!


Tips Up!

Colorado Winter Weddings

Bridal Guide – Rebekah Westover Photography

So, you’ve decided on having your wedding in the winter, but now, where to hold the ceremony and reception?


Ski resorts are an awesome idea! Again, these location make for an awesome photo op, but more than that, the views are impeccable, beautiful, amazing, breathtaking … I can go on! They have great event rooms, and your guests and yourself have access to lodging, so you know that’s taken care of. Depending on the venue/resort, you may be able to work out a deal for large party lodging, if your guests were to choose to stay there. This is an enormous plus if you ski or board, but that’s after, stay focused, at least until after the wedding! In Colorado, there are plenty of resorts to choose from, and plenty that have great wedding accommodations!


colorado winter wedding

Bridal Guide – Preston Bailey

A popular theme for engagements, as well as weddings, is the theme from the movie Frozen. You can have a lot of fun thinking up ideas for different themes for winter weddings. Colors could include blues, different shades of grey (just a few, not 50 haha), and whites. From there you can do a lot with ice, crystals (real or false), holiday ornaments, tree branches (I know it sounds funny but trust us), uplighting, plush furnishings, and the list goes on! There is so much to explore when it comes to decorating for winter weddings. Ideas are endless, especially since most everyone is used to only seeing spring/summer weddings.

Your Winter Wedding

It may sound cold, or least favorable, but the more you look into winter weddings, the options are amazing. There’s so much that can be explored with venues, photo ops, decorations, and so on. So as the traditional wedding season comes to an end, think about how you can make your Colorado Winter Wedding one for the history books! While you’re busy planning how to make your winter wedding great, think of us here at Nufusion Productions. Aside from providing the best, modern, talented DJs, we’ll also be able to assist in your winter wedding planning, and provide some great consultation and services! Click here to contact us, and let us know how we can make your winter wedding awesome!!

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